help, data horizontal in the report

hi, i have this data :       data  =  [{"car":"clear","number":["12","13","14","21"]},{"car":"noClear","number":["34"]}]

i want to show like that in the report:


                                                                                12 13 14 21




Any idea people?, thanks.


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2 Answers:

Just set up your report to use JSON as a datasource.

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Create a standardized two-dimentional table by converting the number sequences to space-delimited strings; use Jasper to build the simple desired list based on it. 

You can use esProc to prepare the data. The code is very simple:

=file("D:\\data.jason").read().import@j().new(car,number.string(" "):col)

The way Jasper accesses the esProc code is similar to the way it calls the database. You can learn more at and .

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