Subtotals for 3 Groups - 3 Variables or 1 Variable?

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Lets's say that in my report, that I have detail records at the employee level.  Every employee is a member of one department.  Every department is a member of one division.  Every division is a member of one organization.  So my report is kind of like this:

          Department totals
     Division totals
Organization totals

Normally for the totals, I would create 3 variables.
One for Department, with the Reset Type = [Group] Department
One for Division, with the Reset Type = [Group] Division
One for Organization, with the Reset Type = [Group] Organization.

That is how I normally do things.  It works.  The only drawback is creating a Variable for each group.


Is there a way to only use one variable in all three group band totals?

I ask because I notice that when I add a Variable to the report, in the Text Field property, there is an Evaluation Time field.
Maybe like I can set the Evaluation Time to Band (or something else), and then for the Variable I set the Reset Type to something like band (though that is not a choice), and then I can use the one variable in all 3 group bands and it knows how to properly calculate.

Fewer variables would be faster to create, and easier to maintain.


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