Prompt parameter when not provided by URL

I'm trying to open a report via the HTTP Api to open a report. That works fine. However I got a standard input control, which should have a value (not a default value).

So I like to achieve that when I pass the value via URL (e.g. &INPUT_VALUE=abc) that it is not prompted and that the PDF gets opened right away, otherwise if the value is not provided as a GET-Parameter, Jasper should open a prompt window for the input control and let the user define the value.

Is that somehow possible? I already tried with different combinations of "always prompt" and the settings on the input control (like mandatory, visible), but no luck so far.

Thank you


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1 Answer:

No. If you're using APIs, you have to do all the prompting codes and verification in your code. This shouldn't be too difficult with jQuery or even with JavaScript.

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