Subreports with diferent XML argument


I want to use a XML file as a DB with the following architecture:

<formulary>    <info>  <name></name>  <author></author>  <date></date>    </info> <files>  <file id="1">   <place></place>   <use><use>   <price></price>  </file>  <file id="2">   <place></place>   <use><use>   <price></price>  </file> </files> <result>  <totalprice></totalprice> </result></formulary

In the main report, I call the data of "file"'s section. Next, i want to try to call "info" to make a header in main report and "totalprice" to use in summary, but my subreports with this sections dont work. How I can to make this?

Thanks for all! Cheers!

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