How to go to next page when content exceeds page height


I'm currently developping a J2EE webapp which generates pdf reports but there is a problem in the report and I can't figure out a way to fix it.  I don't know the length of the content that I've to print in the report so when it exceeds the page height, the page comes out blank. Is there a way or a parameter that is used to go to the next page when it exceeds page height? 

FYI, the code has been done by other devs 2-3 years ago, the jrxml is created on the fly and I can't afford to refactor it in a cleaner way...  Also, the content isn't always generic, there is no pattern that can be extracted from it.

I don't know if what I ask is possible, but if it is I would be grateful if someone have the answer !  

Have a nice day !

EDIT : I don't know if it might help, but I pasted the jrxml on the jasperstudio and there is the type of problem that I encounter.


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