Adhoc View - Change default nodata option

In JasperReports Server v6.0.1, how I can change the default option to set "No Data"" instead of "Sample Data"" option in adhoc view display.I tried to set te following code in file "jasperserver-pro\scripts\bower_components\jrs-ui\src\actionModel.primaryNavigation.js" but it didn't work out.
designer: {
    url :    "flow.html",
    params : "_flowId=adhocFlow&reportType=table&reportData=nodata"
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Thanks @Steve for your response.It works out.

priyanka.sharma.30 - 7 years 3 weeks ago
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1 Answer:

Unfortunately, I don't think there's a way to set this dynamically via a URL parameter.  The only way I've found to change this is to edit the <jasperserver-pro>/WEB-INF/applicationContext-adhoc.xml file and add the following property to the adhocUnifiedStateTemplate bean definition:

<property name="dataSize" value="nodata"/>

Then restart the server.  I hope that helps.

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