Domain creation doesn't work when MongoDB's collection name has dot in it


We're using Jaspersoft AWS, it works well with our RDS, cool stuff!
However when it comes to our MongoDB, it has been frustating for me to setup the connection (Data Source + Domain).
Until I found the problem: when collection name has dot in it, for example "", the error message will complain that it cannot find table "xxx-name".
Meaning, anything in the collection/table's name prior to the dot character will be ignored.
The error message pop-up says:
"The Domain schema has an invalid resource.

There is an invalid reference to a database table: data source [MongoDB_JDBC_Data_Source], table name [XXX.NAME], referencing resource id [XXX_XXX_ANY_TABLE_NAME]."

Note that xxx here is the the MongoDB's db name, which I notice is also called "schema name" in Jaspersoft, and repeated twice when generating the resource id (perhaps one for db name, one for schema name).
What's the solution for this?
Thanks a bunch!
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