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I've been working on a BI solution for a project in my company, the project has its storage at a MongoDB database, so I've read a lot of jasperserver and it seems to have the tools that I need, but the data in the project has a lot of relations between collections in mongodb, so, when I try to do a report on Jasper, the amount of populates (Relations) I have to do in a mongo query is absurd, so, I've looking for other tools that help me get the data from the mongoDB easily, I also try to implement REST services from my project, but Jasperserver doesn't support JSON rest services, and, the last thing I have, is get the data using Apache Drill, but using the JDBC driver I got an "Cannot get a connection, pool exhausted" Exception, I checked the config and it seems to be ok, also I create queries to test Drill and it works fine.

Am I missing something with jasperserver?

Any help would be very appreciated.


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2 Answers:

On Jaspersoft 6.1.1 we updated the mongoDB JDBC Drivers is that the version you are using? You can download a free trial form here: http://www.jaspersoft.com/four-ways-test-drive-jaspersoft-bi-software get the 30 day download.

Remember that Jaspersoft has 2 Mongo Conectors a JDBC one that allows you to use Domains and use Mongo build relations between collections (looks like that is the one you need) and a Native connector that allows you to do native mongo queries. See all the info on both here: http://community.jaspersoft.com/documentation/tibco-jasperreports-server...

If you want to report on RESTful API's you should try our Community WebServices Datasource that allows you to report on JSON or XML Restful Web Services.

Regarding Apache Drill, I have seen it use with jaspersoft a while back, I will check the error, from experience the "pool exausted" error normally comes with JDBC driver issues (i.e. driver not fully implements all the JDBC API), I remmeber running into that with old HIVE/Thrift drivers.
Sometimes fixed by using a JNDI connection (pool managed by tomcat) than a JDBC one. 


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MapR has contriubted an article on the matter:


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