How to pass parameters to the OLAP view?



It's been an awesome experience using jasperserver. Cheers!! But , I am new to this and don't have much idea about this. 

If I want to see the OLAP view I see it by this url http://localhost:8080/jasperserver/olap/viewOlap.html?wcfXCoord=0&wcfYCoord=0&name=%2FOLAP%2Ftest&decorate=&ParentFolderUri=%2FOLAP&wcf12d0a50d.x=1&wcf12d0a50d.y=12

By which i can see that "OLAP" is my repository which I created. And "test" is the OLAP view , i.e. the result set of mdx query on olap cube, in the same repository. I want to know if it is posssible to write a mdx query which can use parameter passed in the url? or, these olap views are static? Please guide.

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Check my answer below

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