why is iReport throwing me this error?

My report seems to compile just fine but after i enter the shipID: it prints me out this error on the iReport console:



Error filling print... Error preparing statement for executing the report query : 

SELECT ship.id AS ShipID, ship.orderid AS OrderID, ship.ordertypeid AS OrderType
FROM ship
WHERE ship.id = ?



Does anyone have any idea why? or how i could fix this?


thank you



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In your query designer thier is some error .

First directly pass the parameter value in the query and check the report.

if it works then pass the parmeter to the query as below

SELECT ship.id AS ShipID, ship.orderid AS OrderID, ship.ordertypeid AS OrderType
FROM ship
WHERE ship.id = $P{Parameter_name}


B Rama Krishna

RamaKrishna.B - 7 years 8 months ago

1 Answer:

The error is usually due to parameters not set up correctly or of the wrong type. You can check the parametres in your query for Ship.id and ensure it's in the correct format (should be something like 'where ship.id = $P{param name}' without quotes).

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