How to color the bullet point in <style>


I have static text that using "styled" markup, I made it to a bullet point by using <li> tag. 

However one of our requirement is to make the bullet point white or maybe other color(default is black).

Is there a way to do it ?

Here is my code:

<reportElement x="0" y="14" width="126" height="14" uuid="8cd2555e-bd94-4c72-80be-d9787d0fbfcd">
<printWhenExpression><![CDATA[new Boolean($F{memebrDateJoinPlan} != null)]]></printWhenExpression>
<textElement markup="styled"/>
<text><![CDATA[<li>Date you joined the plan:</li>]]></text>


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1 Answer:


Just set overall color in the ul tag and add span tag with color.


<ul style="color:#ff00ff;">
<li><span style="color:#000000;">text</span></li>

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