Exception when uploading report from studio to server?


I have Jasper Server 6.1.1 and Jasper Studio 6.1.1.

Here's my scenario:

I tried publishing a report from studio to server, and when I opened up the report on the server web application, the report came up as blank with a message saying 'The report is empty.'.

After a bit of googling, I found that my report needs to be published to the server with a data source in order for it to be viewed on the sever web application.

So now, when I publish, I check 'Local Data Source'. I select a Datasource JDBC, give it a name ("test", for example) and I then "Import from Jaspersoft Studio", selecting the Data Adapter that I use for data in my report.

However, when I click finish, I get this error:

org.apache.http.client.HttpException: Internal Server Error


at com.jaspersoft.studio.server.protocol.restv2.RESTv2ExceptionHandler.handleException(RESTv2ExceptionHandler.java:72)               

at com.jaspersoft.studio.server.protocol.restv2.ARestV2ConnectionJersey.toObj(ARestV2ConnectionJersey.java:52)   

at com.jaspersoft.studio.server.protocol.restv2.RestV2ConnectionJersey.addOrModifyResource(RestV2ConnectionJersey.java:515)               

at com.jaspersoft.studio.server.protocol.ProxyConnection.addOrModifyResource(ProxyConnection.java:314)

at com.jaspersoft.studio.server.publish.Publish.publishResources(Publish.java:198)           

at com.jaspersoft.studio.server.publish.Publish.publish(Publish.java:67)  

at com.jaspersoft.studio.server.publish.wizard.Publish2ServerWizard$3.run(Publish2ServerWizard.java:302)         

at org.eclipse.jface.operation.ModalContext$ModalContextThread.run(ModalContext.java:121)

Any help would be great!



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2 Answers:


Try creating a datasource from JasperReports Server and selecting it when you upload the report.

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its suspected bug in  Jasper 6.1.1 for export / import options.  even which I do export from  jasper v6.1.0 ( Linux) to  Jasper report server v6.1.1 ( Linux) getting same  error as  timeout.  but the same config  if I import to  windows 7 of jasper 6.1.1 its working.  I assume that  Jasper report v6.1.1 not fully tested and  we may end up with more bugs.

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