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  I am using the AWS marketplace instance.  I was interested in moving the postgres DB off of the instance into RDS.  After reading the documentation it looks like this isn't supported in the UI?  So the alternitive is to ssh to the system and make the change in /var/lib/tomcat7/webapps/jasperserver-pro/.  Is this the best option to move the DB?  The goal was to free up resources on the instance, but is that even worth it if the DB is just metadata?



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beter use "High availability" setup which will do that - setup JRS with external RDS as database for repository.

you can find more info on and select "Launch Jaspersoft for AWS High Availability" tab

here some docs about that (seek "high availability" string)


just launch new setup and then export data from old and import into new, if you will be satisfied - you can terminate old instance.

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