Report will not compile in iReport due to .jar files

I am new to iReport and have opened up an existing, and already built, report (.jasper/.JRXML) and i edited it.
When i attempt to compile the report however i get thrown 24 compiles errors saying this-
    1. com.evnt.util.ImageUtil cannot be resolved to a type                 
    value = com.evnt.util.ImageUtil.decodeImage(((com.evnt.eve.modul    es.ImageModule) 
    ((java.lang.Object)parameter_m    odule.getValue())).getInstance(com.evnt.eve.modules.ImageModule.class)).getImage    
    Data("Company", 1, true)); //$JR_EXPR_ID=67$                         
    <------    --------------->
I have put in the paths to my "report/modules/ext" and to my .jar files in Fishbowl. But i don't understand where or how i can get the .jar files this exception is saying i am missing.
Thank you.
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1 Answer:

Fishbowl is a product that uses Jaspersoft reports; however Fishbowl has introduced additional functionality / code into their environment. You should contact Fishbowl support for these files.

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