How to override styles from visualize.js?


I am embedding a report from JasperReports Server using Visualize.js. The report gets embedded only within a height of 400px. This is an inline style which is most likely coming from Visualize.js. Has anyone come across such issues? Is there a way to override these styles?



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1 Answer:

That inline style you are talking about is probably coming form the report itself and not form visualize; Is the table or object (or page size) of the report set to 400px?

If you want your report to scale of fit to the container (either height or width) you can use the report scaling features of Visualize.js; like:

report ={
        resource: "/public/Samples/Reports/AllAccounts",
        container: "#mydiv",
        <strong>scale: "container",</strong>

look at this JSFiddle as an example:

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