How to plot number against a location of map


I am new to Jasper Reports and have followed some tutorials to learn how to plot markers for latitude and longitude on a map in the report. This part works fine in iReports 5.6.0 and after publishing to Jasper Server v6.

My requirement is that I want to plot e.g. number of cases that were recorded at different locations on the map. For instance there are 20 cases recorded at location A, 34 cases recorded at location B, 56 cases recorded at location C and so on. How to achieve this?

Thanks in advance for expert advice.

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1 Answer:

Take a look at this sample: (is based on MongoDB but that is irrelevant in this case you can get the same data form a SQL Server)

Check also this article about adding marker tooltips and hyperlinks to the JSS Map Component

Also I will recomend you to switch to Jaspersoft Studio since iReport is EOL now with extended support until the end of this year.

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