How do I code the "Timestamp Range" parameter class into the query?

What are the expressions I should use? How do I link the range to the respected variables? Example "Date created" and "Date Finished" need to be the To and From parameters?


Thank you for any help!



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can you explain the issue in detail so that i can help you

RamaKrishna.B - 6 years 8 months ago

1 Answer:

Jasper Query:                                                                            SQL Query:

where $X{BETWEEN,column_name,param1,param2} -----> where column_name>param1 and column_name<param2

where $X{[BETWEEN,column_name,param1,param2} -----> where column_name>=param1 and column_name<param2

where $X{BETWEEN],column_name,param1,param2} -----> where column_name>param1 and column_name<=param2

where $X{[BETWEEN],column_name,param1,param2} -----> where column_name>=param1 and column_name<=param2

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