Multi string parameters to jasperserver

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i'm having an issue, i just created a report in Ireports 5.6 using a Java.util.collection parameter so the user can select from an checkbox input control on jasperserver and pass the parameters to the report, this one works fine, but because of the end users needs what i have to do is that the user write the values coma separated instead of selecting them from the checkbox, when i do this i'm getting an error, as far as i know is because the inputcontrol type is string and the parameter is a collection, there is any way to sort this? i mean how can i change the report so the coma separated values provided by the user on the jasperserver inputcontrol can be used by the report and get the information? i tried this on the report query but still no success:

WHERE column_name in ($P!{string_parameter})

 i hope any of you guys can help me here.


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