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Hello guys,

I'm having an issue with ireports 5.6, i have a report with 2 tables one on the details section and another one on the summary, everything works fine except when the table on the details section is empty the table on the summary section is not printing, the tables are filled with 2 different querys, i tried changing the position of the tables but the problem remains, i tried too put one table on column header and the other one on details or summary but the issue persist, as i can see the problem is if one of the tables are empty the other one is not printed, does anybody have a clue about this?



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1 Answer:


Right click on the report name in the Report Inspector and then got to properties. Check the option with "Summary with Page Header  and Footer".

If the issue is not resolved . can you please attach the .jrxml , so that i can give my suggestions.


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