PDF export without Helvetica font

I'm trying to remove the default Helvetica font from my created report without any success. I'm using the Eclipse plugin with Jaspersoft version 6.0.2.

I've already deleted the default exported pdf font inside the properties.
The goal is to export a pdf with en embedded font without Helvetica (which is not installed on windows) because I'm not able to print the exported pdf from my dot-matrix printer correctly.

I have an example pdf where the printer prints the font correctly but my created pdf out of jaspersoft studio doesn't.
Here is the working example pdf with the Adobe Reader document informations(the embedded fonts):

And here is the exported pdf form jaspersoft:

You can see, I already embedded the Calibri font which is strangely also not printed correctly... So in my opinion the goal seems to be to get exactly the font type of the example pdf which is printed correctly.

Please help me by solving this problem!

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