Creating Dynamic Report with conditional output?

Hi all,

I have been tasked to create a multipage report that contains a page for each employee containing their sales for the week. The report will consist of three sections.

  • Header consisting of  three tables. One table can be optional depending on which company is generating the report.
  • The body will consist of one or more tables.The number of rows in these tables will be different depending on the data returned.
  • Footer will consist of two tables. ne of the tables will be shown only if there is data to populate it.

I do not have a datasource tied directly to the report. I populate multiple Map objects with the data returned from two sql queries. The main map is keyed by employee id and has a HashMap containing the employee's data. I need to iterate through the main Map and create a page for each employee. I have made xml template files to represent format of each section of the report page. There will be additional template files if a particular company wants a different look and feel to the sections.

I am on a very tight schedule so I have been looking at alternatives to create the report with out having to do a lot of programming. Is it possible to create this type of report using JasperReports?

Thank you in advance.


Below is what the output will look like for each individual page.


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I also have to be able to output these reports in html or pdf formats

gageller12 - 6 years 11 months ago

Hi Gageller12,

This can be easily achieved by using Sub Reports in jasperstudio.


Rajesh Sirsikar

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Thank you Rajesh for the quick response. Would you be able point me in the right direction for any tutorials or examples I can look at to get me started? Thank you again for your help, Greg
gageller12 - 6 years 11 months ago

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