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I am a DBA, we are planning to implement jaspersoft for reporting purpose, i have some doubt's, kindly help me on this regards.

1) What is the use of Jaspersoft ETL.

2) we have 2 PROD oracle server, 1 dedicated server for postgres database & 1 dedicated server for jaspersoft.

how we can user Jaspersoft ETL here & what is the use of it.




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2 Answers:


ETL (Extract Transform Load) tools are used to extract data from databases, files, applications and to tranfrom them and to load them into databases, files, applications.

In your case, you can use ETL to load from your 2 databases and to put them into your postgresql (if your postrgres is used for reporting).

As you may already know, if you do complex sql queries from several databases during report execution, you'll get performance degradation. it's better to transform data so a simple select is used in your reports.

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In addition to ETL,

If you have duplication records in your database or you want to do some data cleansing, you can try TIBCO Clarity for free

Data Cleansing and Transformation Software

TIBCO Clarity is the data cleaning and standardization component of the TIBCO Software System. It serves as a single solution for business users to handle massive messy data across various sources,  applications and systems, such as database, cloud storage, TIBCO Jaspersoft, Spotfire, ActiveSpaces,  MDM, Marketo and Salesforce. TIBCO® Clarity makes it easy for business users to profile, validate, dedup, address cleansing, standardize, transform, and visualize data so that trends can be identified and smart decisions can be made quickly. TIBCO Clarity provides both on cloud version and enterprise edition version.

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