parameters in ad-hoc domain

how can I use built-in parameter LoggedInUserName in ad-hoc domain reports?

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Why is adhoc domain report question classified as "Jaspersoft ETL" question?

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1 Answer:

Unfortunaley the Built In User Paramerters are not accessible yet via AdHoc or Domains.

There Parameters can be Accessed
- Via Jaspersoft Stiudio Reports Slook at:
- Via Input Control Queries or Domain Queries (scroll to the bottom of:
administration-guide/v610/query-based-input-controls )
- To do some type of User Level Security you can access them from the Domain Security File see:

The only thing you can access form Adhoc are the User, Server and Tenant Profile Arributes via the Attributes('Name','Scope') function of Calculated fields and DomEL. So as a workaround you can create a Profile Attribute of the users that stores the username, this may be tricky if you are not doing SSO, but you may do a batch processs to create them using the REST API (

Here is how you use Profile Attributes in an AdHOC Calulated Field, You can also use them inside DOMAINS as Calculated fields, domain filters or in the definition of Derived Tables

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