Scheduled report input parameters refresh


I want to schedule my report in Jasperserver. This report must be executed every day at 8 with current date as parameter. 

The problem is that, when I create the scheduled report, it takes the date correctly, but that date is not updated everyday. Let's say I schedule it today, so it takes the right date. The problem begins tomorrow, when it should take tomorrows date, but it doesn't.

My parameter is defined as date and has "java.util.Date()" as default date. Is there any way to make this work? The idea is "loading" parameters everyday, not keeping them fixed.

Thanks in advance!

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1 Answer:

What you want to use in your report is a relative date.  To have it run today, create a filter on your date field and then in the first  filter entry box, add DAY. If you just want everything from today, you can add DAY in the second entry box.

If you want everything from yesterday, you can do DAY-1 and DAY-1

If you wanted yesterday and today, then you would do DAY-1 in the first box and DAY in the second box.

Other options are DAY, WEEK, QUARTER, SEMI, YEAR



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