The report is empty after publish Jasper studio jrxml to Jasper server

Hi, I have created new report in Jasper studio with Domain as Datasource and two Parameters (Timestamp) it was working fine in Jasper studio preview, But after publish the report into Jasper server with same Domain Datasource and same Input Control parameters it showing the error like The report is empty.

Steps I followed :

  • Tested the Datasource in Jasper server (Connected)
  • Created the Input control with same parameter name and same datatype
  • While running the Input control in shown and gave valid data
  • But the error is The report is empty

Thanks in Advance

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Have the same issue.

Report using repository based domain works fine in studio, but when published returns "The report is empty" when executed.

jstockham - 7 years 3 weeks ago

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