Transparency of a Text field

In my report I defined a Text field.

In the properties tab of this Text field I unchecked the Transparent checkbox and went on clicking on the background color to specify a more precise transparency.

Still, when the PDF report is produced, the Text field seems to have lost the transparency information as its background has got a solid color.

Note that I'm calling JasperReports from Mapfish, still I don't think this is a Mapfish issue as defining a transparency level on its items seems to work fine.

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Same here. The Studio preview shows the transparency as defined, but the output PDF does not. I'm using Jaspersoft Studio and MapFish 3. If the output is set to TIFF, the transparecy work fine, as expected.

Transparecy does not work (on PDF output) on elements with rgba defined with some transparency, like 

<reportElement positionType="Float" mode="Opaque" backcolor="rgba(131, 255, 74, 0.52156866)" ...>
jgr_1 - 6 years 5 months ago

We solved the issue overlapping the text with a semi-transparent image previously prepared (as per SO post).


voccoeisuoi - 6 years 5 months ago

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