Putting SubReport in Detail Band resulting in (white space + subreport) in HTML format as a part of email body while scheduling...!

I use ireport & JasperServer. Version 5.6.0
I have one subreport in detail band as I want my subreport run multiple times generating different outputs each time.
My detail band height is 1 px. My subreport height is also 1 px (as I know it will be increased dynamically). Detail band contains nothing else.
When I generate report in PDF, everything is perfect. I get what I want. Also in JasperServer everything is perfect. I get what I want.
But issue is when I schedule this report in JasperServer & try to schedule it in HTML format and send it via email with "embed report in email body" checked, Then in email it shows huge white space before printing subreport each time. and the height of that white space is exactly the height of subreport (for that particular iteration (of main report)).
I have googled a lot, changed attributes of subreport, detail band, also tried to apply properties... but nothing helped. Please help.
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