How to convert unix timestamp to date to use in adhoc view

I got an adhoc view working, but when i tried to group by months, the dates weren't recognized as dates, because they are unix timestamps.  

I googled around, and found a few solutions that were posted a year+ ago, but none of them worked.  This included using java functions, and the UNIX_TIMESTAMP_TO_UTC (or whatever the actual function is), both by changing the field in the domain, and by trying to change the field in the adhoc view.  When I change it in the domain, it just ends up erroring out with some mesage about a previous field failing to make edits, and if i change it in the ad hoc view it says they aren't functions.

Has this changed in the newest forms of jaspersoft?  Whats the correct way to do it now?

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1 Answer:

Are you getting your data from a database table? Just convert the dates in your sql statement and use the sql statement in Domain - Derived Table.

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