Jasper generated xls opening in OpenOffice Calc but not in MS Excel


I am having an issue in xls generated by Jasper. I have created jrxml using iReport 3.0.3 and our application has following JARs



While the excel gets generated from application but it is not opening properly in MS Excel. The error says "We found a problem with some content in <file-name>. Do you want to try to recover as much as we can? If you trust the source of this work, click Yes." After that if I click yes, it opens but the contents are truncated and formatting of column headers is removed by MS Excel. The same excel gets opened properly in Open Office 4.0.1 Calc application without any issues. We have also tried by changing the Jasper jar from 3.1.3 to jasperreports-6.1.0 and poi jar from 3.2 to poi-3.9 but still the same issue. The excel has 1858 rows and 5 columns. Please advice how to resolve this problem. 



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1 Answer:

Version up to jasperreports 6.1.0 and export to xlsx format.

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