sapjco.jar and sapjco3.jar





I have installed a Jasper Bigdata ETL and when I launch the Studio on windows 8 machine, It gets struck in the create job window. When I verify the log, it says jar files missing. Tried to download from google  but no luck. It says SAP customer details. How can it is referring to these dlls without need. If so Jasper should have them inbuilt.

!MESSAGE one third party library file [C:\Jaspersoft\5.5.1\studio\JETLBigData-r118616-V5.5.1\lib\java\sapjco.jar] was not found, it is required for bundle [org.talend.repository.sapwizard], please download it and place in [C:\Jaspersoft\5.5.1\studio\JETLBigData-r118616-V5.5.1\lib\java]




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ou'll need to contact SAP to get SAP Java Connector. It's not included because of license restrictions.

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