Excel export performance issue

I am working on project where we use TIBCO (TM) JasperReports Server (R) Community Project 6.0.1 Release. 

We use excel export for large number of records (100k+) and we have performance issues. Is there any optional settings of JasperReports Server to tune this excel export ability?

Thank you in advance

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1 Answer:

Many of rows seems to indicate that you are using xlsx format and not the xls (Excel in the export menu).

xxlsx is just using Apache POI. If you're set to draw borders and insert images, turning them off may increase performance a little bit.

Unfortunately, I haven't found any other optional settings.

If you can, try using the schedule to generate xlsx files. I've found JasperReports Server performs better when large reports are schedule instead of generating them in real-time.

The other option is to develop your own program to generate reports. I've found that to be the best solution perfomance-wise. Just use JasperReports Server to keep reports layouts and to use Adhocs.

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