highlight Min value in column

Trying to figure out how to highlight Min value from column in Jasper table component. 

Col1 Col2
12 14
17 23
9 12
11 11

I declared a variable with Increment type : None, Reset type : Report. And Calculation as Lowest of the field.

Added conditionalStyle/conditionExpression to compare the field with that variable.

however getting output like below. 

col1 Col2
12 14
17 23
9 12
11 11

Basically the Minvariable is assigned the value at each record level increment.. and comparison is done with that.

However I'm looking for the comparison to be done only after the Min value is determined.

The field is marked with Evalution type as Auto to facilitate the evalution at last.


Any pointer on this is appreciated. This seems to be a very basic question.


thank you

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