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I'm probably approachiung this the way but I've created a few reports now (Eclipse plugin) which I am exporting variously to pdf, docx and odt.  I've noticed that where I create a table using a set of text boxes with solid borders (the only way I have found) I get lines of double thickness if I leave borders overlapping, even if I position them on top of each other.  So far no problem as I have been configuring the borders to not overlap (i.e. where 2 texty boxes overlap I leave one of the borders as transparant).  I've realised one of my sub reports is just a repeating box in the detail section though so I can't do this here or the bottom or top would be missing. I'm assuming this must come up a lot ?  Is there a way around this ?  

Apologies if this isn't clear.  Please let me know if not.





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