Price-list for JasperServer.

I have question about your price-list formation: I’m interesting in your product JasperServer. What is the price of different redactions of this product? - reporting, professional, enterprise.

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Did you visit this page ?


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Yes, of course I did this. But I didn’t find information there about prices.

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Take a look here:

Our Community Edition is free of charge. For the Commercial (or Pro) edition (see the first link for a comparison), the AWS offer is probably your best bet. You can control cost better. You pay for only as much as you use ($1 per hour) . If you have to delay your work, you don't incur extra cost.  Otherwise, you need to talk with a sales rep thru the contactus page.

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Yes, I know about differences between community & commercial versions. And I'm interesting in commercial version of JasperServer. Probably I need to know fixed price of license, cause in our projects we can operate just capex & in your variant there’re opex by using cloud version of jasper platform.

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any time, thanks for links.

I'll keep it.

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