how to set parameter in jasperserver pro report

How can i set parameter in my report using jasperserver pro.

I also want to add parameter in visualize function.

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1 Answer:

Below information is useful 

Input controls/Parameters creatiion in Jasper Server. 

Create a folder called "Input Controls" in jasper server. Right click it and find  Add Resource option -> Click on it -> Select " Input controls" and set all the properties. 

From Jasper Studio : 

When you publish the report containing parameters automatically those will take to the server. Later you have to modify them. ( Right click the paramter and find it's properties to modify). 

In iReport: 

iReport has the flexibility to create parameters in one folder and make use of references of crated parameters to the reports. 

NOTE :  Parameters ID on the server should be same as parameter name in desktop tool(iReport or J.Studio). 


Read chapter-5 ( API references - Input Controls) in JasperReports-Server-Visualize.js-Guide.pdf

(Download the latest docs from docs section of this community site. 


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