html5 chart with subdataset

Hi I am starting to get super frustrated with this so any help would be fantastic. So my goal is to show a table and html5 pie chart in the same report. The problem I'm running into is that for some reason the chart can't find fields or variables from the dataset for the label expressions. The reason this is important is because I would like to show the percentage for each sector of the pie in the label field and have the value show something else. I got pretty close to what I wanted when I used the report dataset but then I couldn't figure out how to make the table use that. If possible I would like to stick with the sub dataset because I have inherited a project with everything working except the percentage labels and there are 40 reports and converting them all over would be a serious pain. Thanks!!!!!

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Do you want to use only one dataset for table & chart ?  Could you share your JRXML ?

Thank you.

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