where to write mysql query in jaspersoft server


I have installed jaspersoft server 6. No i want to write my own query for report.

How can i do?

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   Can you add a little more information, like are you using the ce or pro.  Are you building your own jmxml using the JasperReports Studio? or are you creating a query resource?


- Josh

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I am using pro. and want to create query resource

kalpesh.chavda - 5 years 3 months ago

1 Answer:


Hi Kalpesh,

Query areas in Jaspersoft : 

1) iReport/ Jasper Design Studio 

Right click the report name -> Find Edit Query 

Short cut : You can find the short cut button on the editor ( Just next to zoom in and zoom out buttons you can find the Query Executor - click on it and it will take you to query exeution area in iReport or Studio). 

2) Jasper Server

Testing : 

Right click on any folder -> Find Add Resource - > Then click on Query -> Go ahead on giving properties & SQL.

NOTE : Queries created on Jasper Server are used in input parameters.



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