INstalling Server and Using Active Direcotry

I found this in the documentation. I may missing something, but how can I modify this file if I haven't installed the server yet?

"To use LDAP with your JasperReports Server, configure the LDAP connection parameters in prior to installing JasperReports Server."

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1 Answer:

If you are installing using the WAR file, you use to configure the install. So it is set up prior to installation.  If you are using the installer executable, that file does not exist, and there are things you can't configure.  In this case, you have to set up the connection properties manually in the application context file.  This is described in the section "Setting LDAP Connection Parameters Manually" near the bottom of this page:

Here's an extract:

To set the connection parameters for the LDAP server directly in the application context file, configure the ldapContextSource helper bean as follows:

  1. In sample-applicationContext-externalAuth-LDAP[-mt].xml, locate the ldapContextSource bean.
  2. Specify the following information:
        constructor-arg value – The URL of your LDAP server, including the base DN.
        userDn property – The distinguished name (DN) of your LDAP administrator.
        password property – The password of your LDAP administrator.



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