POST JSON to /reports service?


I think I've figured out that I can POST JSON parameters to the /reportExecutions service, but that is asynchronous. Is there a way to POST JSON to the /reports service so that I get the results synchronously? From what I can tell, this isn't possible. If I want to POST JSON parameters, I must use the /reportExecutions service. Is this correct? Can anyone confirm/deny this?

EDIT:  I just saw in the XML that can be POSTed to the /reportExecutions service that there is a parameter of "<async>true</async>" - does this mean I can set async to false and will be synchronous? Ok... just read the docs. yes, that's what it means. Sweet. Ok, so nevermind this question. :)

And while I'm here, the only example/help I have found on the JSON format for POSTing is this: - are there any official/better examples of this?

Thanks, Brian

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