subqueries of different Ireport verssions

I have the .JRXML files for 3 reports that were made using 2 older versions of Ireport (2 in 2.0.4 and 1 for 3.0)  what would need to be done to get them to work as subqueries?  


I just wanted to roll them all into one report for ease of use.  some of the information in each of the queries could be removed as it would be duplicated by the other (names for instance) but it is not truely needed.  would this be the best route to do it?


if not, is there an easy way to pick out the useful parts of the other .JXML files to create a whole new version?  I ask since there are several specific java classes for tables that they use, and for some reason, we  are not allowed to access their environment with Ireports, so the automatic class finder/field generator is harder to use (like going in blind)

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