Jaspersoft and iText-pdf 5.5 licensing question


I was wondering about the licensing policy between Jaspersoft and iText-pdf 5.5.

Does the community version of Jaspersoft products use and distribute iText 5.5 under LGPL?

If yes, is there an official document or file that indicates/provides the license terms?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.



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4 Answers:

The information you are looking for is in the license file that comes with the jasperreports library. All the license files for the 3rd party libraries are included in the distribution in the dame location as this libraties so check  jasperreports-x.x.x/lib/itextpdf-x.x.x-LICENSE.txt

You can check to this post as a guidance (remember IANAL) http://community.jaspersoft.com/questions/847476/jasperreports-60-licens...


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just wanted to add that from the last version of JasperReports / Jaspersoft Studio 6.0.4 we reverted back to the old iText library 2.1.7.s2.


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Will the upcoming 6.1.0 be using the old iText 2.1.7 library? Was the change due to licensing issue?

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There was indeed a special exception thanks to an agreement between Jaspersoft at the time and iText.

But with Tibco taking over of Jaspersoft, we were not able to guarantee that the agreement could be continued in its present form, so to avoid any legal problems we have returned to iText licensed under MPL 1.1.


If an agreement is reached again between Tibco and iText, we'll make sure our community benefits from it right away. Until then, we are back to iText 2.1.7 distributed under Mozilla Public License 1.1.




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