Visualize.js how to securely connect?

Using Visualize.js with Jaspersoft AWS version 6.0, the authentication method is plain text username and password in the script file.

How can I secure the login and password and remove the plain text credentials?


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this is what I got from the Log:

ERROR errorPage_jsp,http-bio-80-exec-4776:580 - stack trace of exception that redirected to errorPage.jsp
org.springframework.webflow.conversation.impl.LockTimeoutException: Unable to acquire conversation lock after 90 seconds
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1 Answer:

Check the visualize.js Guide there are many methods of authentication

You would normally use some type of token authentication or implement a SSO with your app and JasperServer. For more info on the Authentication methods available in JasperServer check the Authentication Cookbook here

All the samples you will find use plain text for the sake of simplicity and portability, but that is not the best practice on production.

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