Automatically Resize HighCharts from JasperStudio in Visualize.js


When a HighChart object is created in the AdHoc tool on the server and then pulled into a web DIV by visualize, the chart will dynamically resize as the window is expanded or contracted. However, when we build the chart in JasperStudio, because we need to manipulate many of the properties and make better Input Controls, the chart is rendered as a static size. We have moved the chart out of the table that is is embedded in when run from a JasperStudio object, however it is still a static layout. I have looked through the beforeRender DOM manipulation to try and see if I can add the resize, but still no luck. is the current fiddle I am using to try and manipulate the DOM (you can't actually run this code since our server is behind our firewall).

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Still no solution? There has to be a way to add a class to the dom object or something to allow these charts to have the same resize behavior as in the adhoc tools.

craig.linderoth - 5 years 2 months ago

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Hi Craig,

this article might have the answer:

Please let me know if that doesn't work for you.


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