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I'm trying out the example at https://community.jaspersoft.com/wiki/tables-and-crosstabs-jaspersoft-st....  I created the initial report and was trying to create the table to contain the shipping summary in the "summary band".  (At least that is how I read it.)  I do indeed see a table in the summary band.  The table was selected to have column header and column footer only.  My error is "Element reaches outside table column footer."   My 2 column table has 2 label fields Year/Number of  Shipments in row 1,  2 variables in row 2, and then the last table row has a label of Total with the summation variable.  Where is my table defined wrong?  This is the first time I've worked with tables.


I am using Jaspersoft Studio Professional 6.0.0.final. 

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table 3 rows x 2 columns

each element is 100x30  so total size of elements is 200x90

table properties shows size 200 x 200


patricia.williams - 8 years 1 month ago

1 Answer:

I did the Table Example a day or two ago and ran into something like that I think.  The problem is likely that the summary textbox is in the wrong table column.  I think it is an error in the instructions.  You placed the summation textbox in the table footer while it should really be in the column footer.  The instructions earlier said to uncheck table footer so for the instruction to place it in the table footer is incorrect.

So to solve, delete the summation textbox in the incorrect location that is creating the error.

Then make a new summation textbox and put it in the column footer

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if i expand the outline Table bullet, it shows under Column Footer Column1 and Column2. Expanding Table Footer shows both Column1 and Column2 but they are gray as if they are not defined.

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