How to improve performance of an Jasper Dashboard?

Hi Guys, Can anyone share thoughts of improving the performance of Jasper Dashboard? Thanks, Jo
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Instead of using JasperReports Server Dashboard, I'm fronting with Liferay and pasting reports on to Liferay pages using Visualize.js and REST v2 API.

I think I'm getting better functionalities this way because I can add other components beside reports on the same page.

I think the Dashboard perfomance problem is because it tries to display all reports on the dashboard when the dashboard is opened.

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Thank You for your input

jo.jasmine - 5 years 2 months ago


While working with Liferay and Visualize.js, have you run into any problems with putting multiple portlets that call different reports on one page. We have 6 portlets on one page and each portlet authenticates then calls a report. It works fine for a while but after a little while we start getting authentication errors. From what we can tell it looks we are using up all the connections. We tried centralizing the logins using REST v2 API, but haven't had any luck.

Any suggestions?

james.burris - 4 years 3 months ago