Ireport: Chart and Table in Group Footer?


Hi everyone! ...

I'm working with one Group in Ireport conditionned by a field "name". and I want that a chart appear after each set of elements that have the same "name".I want this chart to display only the information in each set...How I can I do that?

What I tried:I put the chart on the Group Footer band and I selected the options: 'Evaluation time: group', 'Evaluation group:the name of my group' but that always gave me a repeated chart after each set with the information of all the sets.

then I added the Option:'Print When Group Changes:the name of my group' I it had the same result.

And I want to do the same with a table that summarises information in the set of elements with the same "name"

I'm a beginner in Ireport and I wish that my post is clear...Excuse my english :)

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