Outline window disappered!

The outline window has disappeared from my workspace, I have checked every menu but can't figure out how to get it back.  Can anyone help me?  I was just starting to make some headway in learning how to use the program!

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answer from ghudson_1 works for me
Window > Show View > Other > General > Outline

coletski - 6 years 4 months ago

1 Answer:

Select "Windows" - "Display View" - "Other" - "Jaspersoft Studio". Select the view you want to add back.

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This did not directly fix it but it pointed me in the right direction . I do not have a "Windows" menu that I could find although I had a "Window" menu. Inside the "Window" menu there was none of the other options you mentioned but I did click "New Window" once I was in that menu and it actually loaded a fresh instance of Jaspersoft Studio with the outline frame restored. I didn't try this before because opening Jaspersoft fresh from the executable did not work so I assumed this wouldn't either. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

amartin_2 - 8 years 2 months ago

for another user, the solution was Window > Show View > Other > General > Outline

ghudson_1 - 7 years 2 months ago

This helped me too, Thanks Amartin

anshu.thada - 6 years 3 weeks ago
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This helped me too, Thanks

prashabad - 3 years 4 months ago