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I am new at JasperReports Server. I have set up a test instance on AWS and experimented with it. I have been tasked with finding the most convenient and least error-prone way of version controlling our JasperReports Server reports and domains. I see questions on the Internet going back eight years asking how to do this. I would like to hear from anybody who is doing this today, and how they manage it.

To encourage discussion, here is what I have been attempting: For each individual domain, and each individual report, I have created a separate Mercurial repository (could just as easily be git.) Periodically I will manually export the report as a zip file, and will unzip it into the repository, the commit my changes.


  1. anytime any file inside is removed (report resource, etc.) Version controlling won't pick this up because it's not overwriting a file
  2. I have to do this separately for every report and every domain, manually, partly because of the "removal" problem (if I put all reports into the same repo, removed reports would still be there) and also because if I wanted to zip specific reports back up and import them rather than the whole thing, they'd have to be separate.

I would like to avoid version controlling the actual zip file because then I can't diff, and it loads the repo up with binary blobs.

Any advice?

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