Can't create a chart theme with iReport


I'm using iReport 5.6.0 to create a report with some charts, but when I try to create a new chart theme, not only the creation window where it asks for the filepath and filename doesn't go away after clicking "Accept" (it can be closed with the exit button at the top right corner, but still, i'm guessing it should close automatically). After I close the window, nothing happens. Curiously, a file DOES get created, but it doesn't load in the editor; When I try to open the file as a chart theme, iReport doesn't opens it at all.

Any suggestions as what could be happening?

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1 Answer:


Please use iReport 5.5 or Jasper Studio 6.0 to create chart theme template.

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Did that. Thank you

manuatilomb - 5 years 11 months ago