Jaspersoft Studio Data Adapter to AWS Jaspersoft Server

Hello Everyone,

I am new to Jaspersoft and I am running a Jaspersoft Server instance in AWS on a VPC. I have established a Server connection within Jaspersoft Studio but I was wondering how to configure a data adatper within Jaspersoft studio to connect to the sample foodmart DB on the Server from within Studio.

JDBC Driver: org.postgresql.Driver

JDBC URL: jdbc:postgresql://IP Address:5432/foodmart

Has anyone some pointer of how I need to configure this to make it work. My VPN is working and all firewall have been disabled and I still get a TCP/IP timeout error



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1 Answer:

I'm not 100% sure; call it 95%. But the postgres instance inside the JasperServer AWS AMI which is where foodmart is stored is not configured to answer to external connections (for security reasons).

You will have to modify the postgres configuration in the AMI. In the Jasperserver AMI the path to the postgres config is "/var/lib/pgsql93/data" and you will need to be root to edit it (sudo) since the ec2-user does not have permission to read or write this file (or folder)

I found this links that will help you:

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